“I absolutely love Dictionary Jumpstart! It is ingenious! I made a couple of RTF files and imported them into my CAT system with ease!! I love that once you get the dictionary in there, you can still edit it if you want to. Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool!!”
– Kelli A. Murphy, CSR, B.S.

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"Anyone who will travel six hours in a car with strangers that she met on a plane is committed and dedicated to what she does. She is a wonderful presenter and speaker. Anissa is a definite asset at your next seminar. OCRA thoroughly enjoyed her.”
Trelinda Neeley, CRS, RPR
Former OCRA President

“Your customer service/tech
support for DJ has
always been superb!”
Jeanne Briseno, RMR, CRR

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Are you perplexed by what does (or does not) translate in your realtime writing?
Are you tweaking your theory and finding your dictionary needs to keep pace?
Are you thinking about entering a different realtime reporting venue?

With Dictionary Jumpstart, you will:

ADD up to 1,000 entries per hour, able to enter each word numerous ways

IMPORT the dictionaries you create into any CAT system on the market

CLEAN out misspellings, wrong entries, and possibly entries you never knew you had

EARN PDCs with our five qualifying modules

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“The goal of a realtime reporter is to have the vocabulary BEFORE they hear it!”

Realtime reporters with well-built, diversified dictionaries can take on any job. Can you?


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